Dive Into Star Trek With Tridimensional Chess!

Paramount are teaming up to produce a fun and amazing version of Star Trek’s Tridimensional Chess! Now you can own your very own set!

This chess set first appeared in the original series and now it can appear in your living room!

droppLabs is getting in on the fun and helping create a fun and amazing immersive shopping experience. What better a subject to start the process on? Star Trek always boldly went in science fictionally, which nerd scientists worked hard to eventually implement in reality! Now you can see what the product would look like in your home!

Also what franchise is better to start with when pushing the boundaries of ecommerce?

You can not only see the chess set but interact with a 3D model of The Noble Collection physical version of the chess set before purchasing the actual product. Will it look good on your desk? Find out before the order!

Purchase your own set of Tridimensional chess Here! To get in on the fun of the immersive shopping experience, head to the link and scan the QR code in the listing!

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