Watch Try Guys Take On Romeo & Juliet

The Try Guys have been known for their hilarious videos, and the Keith’s performance in the past eating the menu (some of our favorites). Now the trio of guys, Zach Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, and Eugene Lee Yang, are taking a stand… on a stage… to perform a live one-night-only perfomance.

Their performance aimes to be an interactive rendition of Romeo & Juliet. This live rendition is powered by Kiswe and is a unique version of Shakespeare play where the audience is in control.

  • Zach is playing Romeo
  • Keith is Juliet
  • Eugene is everyone else!
  • During the play, the audience votes on what happens to the actors in each following scene and how scene play out. Fair warning through, as most audience led live performances, the show will likely be wild, debaucherous, and unpredictable.

    For those who can’t attend, Kiswe is creating an interactive fan-first streaming platform with premium broadcast capabilities. Kiswe’s advanced multicam system will also allow interactive features like polling, which is needed for the interactive experience.

    Pick up tickets for the coming event on August 10th 2023 at 6:00 P.M. Here! Tickets are $20 but aftershow tickets are also purchaseable for $25.

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