Unboxing The Aputure Amaran 60x Bi-Color Light

Prior to heading out to CES we decided to pick up brand new light source for a filming. We wanted something that was powerful but also portable and smart.

We discovered the Aputure Amaran 60x Bi-Color Light system. We fell in love with the portable battery pack option. This allows you to use it on location or connect it directly with power at your home location.

While the light has basic controls on the unit for the basic degree of brightness if you want to adjust the variable CCT you can do so in the Sidus Link app.

The app allows you to adjust the frequency, light balance, and the depth of warmth on the unit.

I will specifically say the only drawback I can see from this unit is that if you do put it on max heat and leave it on for a bit it starts to shut down as a result of overheating.

Additionally, the unit has a built-in fan so you’re going to have to be cautious of that while using your audio recording devices to make sure you’re not getting that into your recorded sound.

If you’re still interested in the product, you can pick up the Aputure Amaran 60x Bi-Color Light Here.

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