Unboxing The Black + Decker BEV Cocktail Maker

I’m not exactly the kind of person that needs to have a cocktail every night. I used to be that person. If you are, or you have a lot of parties then this device will be a great way to get high-quality drinks and impress your friends.

The Black + Decker BEV is an automated cocktail maker for your bartop.

The machine holds whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, vodka, and water bottles. When the mood for a cocktail hits you you can choose any of your prepurchased pods and place them into the device. The pods hold all the other needed ingredients for cocktails. This includes simple syrups, bitters, and citrus notes.

You can also then adjust the drink’s strength from mocktail to knock your socks off strong.

The machine then auto-selects the amount of alcohol, and which alcohol is needed for the cocktail.

Check out our video about the device, including us setting it up and creating a drink.

You can also pick up your own BEV by heading Here!

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