Unboxing The Cyber Acoustics Essential Webcam Flex

We have received a lot of items from Cyber Acoustics over the years. They make some really amazing office tech that either adds a lot to your experience, or in some situations revolutionize the way you connect.

This product is in the latter category!

The Webcam Flex, currently available for pre-order is an impressive little web camera which offers three primary points of use that will be incredibly helpful for teachers, office workers, or anyone who needs unique ways to connect online.

The camera has its traditional orientation, that most users will be familiar with. While this isn’t legendary, it’s important to still support the traditional means of webcam usage.

The second orientation uses an adjustable arm to place the camera in the center of your screen so that you can make direct eye contact with the person you are talking to, since their eyes will be where the camera is! This will be great for business calls and allowing users to be able to better connect during meetings, lessons, or even long-distance game nights.

The last orientation is overhead, where you extend the camera out over your desk and then point it down to your workspace. Similar to Elmos and overhead projectors of the past, this allows you to write on paper, or showcase documents at your desk without having to rush off and scan a document prior or during a meeting.

If you want to pick up your own Here!

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