Unboxing The CHAMUTY Automatic Chicken Coop Door

A lot of people are taking on the task of homesteading, and raising chickens, turkeys, and quail. We have not been a foreigner to that task.

We’ve actually been raising quail for over 5 months now, and as we have been building up the space, we were looking for a nice way to allow our quail out to roam even when we aren’t home. When looking for a solution, we discovered automatic chicken coop doors.

These doors are not only designed to not harm the animals, can be scheduled to your needs, but also can be powered solar panels to prevent the need for a power line to your outdoor coops.

We will likely build an enclosed space for this in the future, but for now this allows us to be able to give our birds some more freedom.

Pick up your own automatic door Here.

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