Unboxing COMFIER’s Back Massager Seat

I’ve actually covered a couple of COMFIER’s massage items in the recent days, including a foot massager and a knee massager. Now it’s time for us to check out one of their awesome back massagers.

This device is incredibly soft and smooth, while other massaging chair seats can be a little bit more uncomfortable. Specifically, you usually feel the massaging element within the seat, as you sit on it. The padding design of this seat cushion, however, is so well done that you don’t feel the massaging elements until they are turned on and are actively massaging you. None of the seat is uncomfortable in any way.

The heating elements on the chair are isolated to produce heat for the area and zones you specifically want to help relieve stress and strain. You can also use a myriad of massage styles or directly select zones to target trouble areas that may need more tension than others.

Do you want to pick up one of these massage chairs for yourself? You can do so Here.

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