Unboxing The ExaDesk Electric Standing Desk

The good people at ExaDesk sent us their latest standing desk. This desk is available in 3 different colors. The one we received is a rustic brown wood style. It also comes in a lighter rustic color and black.

The device is fully electronic, allowing you to control the up-and-down of the desk, via the control hub, and the ability to set specific heights at preset points.
Specifically, four presets allow you to set the desk wherever you want at the touch for button.

Is the desk is a larger 30″ wide design as opposed to the general 24″ design that a lot of other companies use. This desk however also features a raised shelf for your monitor, cable management tray underneath the desk, and even four folded leather pull out drawers to store all your goods.

If you want to pick up your own ExaDesk standing desk, you can do so Here.

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