Enjoy Chilled Water-Free Whiskey With Host Freeze Cooling Cups

While traditionalists believe in whiskey glasses of the days of old, with large whiskey ice balls to chill your drink. The thing about whiskey is not always what the whiskey brings to you, but what you take from the glass. Not everyone’s palette is the same.

So enjoy whiskey as you like it. If you like it chilled, but not diluted, then Host’s Freeze Cooling Cups are the solution to them.

They are plastic cups that are BPA-free, and filled with a gel between the insulated plastic. This gel freezes in only two hours and will keep your drinks cool for hours beyond. As they defrost and the gel becomes semi-liquid again they will not dilute the whiskey you are enjoying.

You don’t have to worry about the cold thought of the glass in your hand, as the cup has a built-in insulated silicone band to give you protection from the cold, while also giving you a gripable and soft option to hold onto.

You can pick up your own two pack Here!

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