Unboxing The obVus Minder 2.0 Stand And Folding Keyboard

We’ve been looking into a lot of desktop management and Laptop holders recently. These tools can help you get the most out of your work space, or home offices. To that end we checked out obVus’ Minder 2.0 Stand and the Minder folding keyboard.

This multi device item can hold up your laptop or tablet and even includes a mini pop-out stand on the base for keyboards or phones. This actually works out well for the Minder folding keyboard.

The Minder folding keyboard not only collapses to a very small, and transportable size, but works as a full size keyboard that you can take wherever you need. It will connect and work with Android, PC, and Mac computers.

What’s not to love!

Pick up your own Minder 2.0 Stand Here and the Minder Folding Keyboard Here!

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