Unboxing The Sennheiser HD 620S Closed Back Headphones

From way back to my youth, when I worked in home theater and audio retail, I always was in awe of the quality of Sennheiser headphones. The quality that they perform at and the look and design was always one of the top things for other brands to compete with. While people were running toward Beats, and phone company headphones, I was leaning into one of the OG brands of audio.

It’s for that reason that we’ve been quick to check out and explore Sennheiser products in the past.

Recently we were given the chance to unbox and give our thoughts on the HD 620S Closed Back Headphones. These models are over the ear headphones that do a great job providing comfort and ease of use. The support for the band is solid and allows the device to feel like it’s floating on your head, instead of being tight or hard. The ear cups are soft and smooth and allow for long periods of use without chafing or rubbing rough on the user’s skin.

As for the actual sound quality, the headphones use a 42mm driver, with a frequency response of 6hz – 30khz, an impedance of 150 ohms, and my favorite feature the angled drivers within the closed back ear cups.

These angled drivers create a directional effect that makes it feel like the sound is coming from the front toward you in a cone like method, allowing you to feel like you are listening to a stage performance, as opposed to a simple left and right effect. We primarily used this for music listening and gaming. Both scenarios worked really well in using the soundstage effect to feel like you are actually experiencing the location or music more vividly and engagingly.

My only drawback is as a larger male user, I like to hold my headphones on my neck when not using, and they are a little too tight and feel like they are pinching on my neck, but that’s probably more my issue then it will be anyone elses.

If you want to pick up your own Sennheiser HD 620S you can do so Here!

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