Unboxing The ZealSound Wireless Lavalier

Previously we checked out a microphone from ZealSound, you can see that unboxing Here.

Now the good people at ZealSound have sent us their lavalier system. This system is designed specifically for Android and iPhone users. The iPhone connector, however, is the lightning connector, so if you have the new iPhone, you’ll have to use the USB-C like the Android users.

The system comes with a charging a box that you can store the lavaliers in and will keep the lavaliers charged until you need them. However, if you’d prefer, you can directly plug the lavaliers into power via USB-C.

The receiver unit even has an aux cable port that you can use to output the audio into devices like cameras or capture cards.

If you were looking to pick up one of these audio capturing lavalier systems from ZealSound, you can do so Here

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