Unboxing The ZVOX AccuVoice AV335 Soundbar

When it comes to hearing loss, a lot of people are suffering and don’t even realize it. If you have trouble listening and hearing the words on your favorite TV shows and find yourself turning on subtitles, then you may already be experiencing hearing loss in your everyday life.

The best way to recover from such insufficient solutions like this, to get your unfettered enjoyment back for your items is to use tools to correct the hearing loss. But sometimes minor hearing loss isn’t enough to justify the heavy price tag for a hearing aid.

It’s for specific reasons like this that we’re such huge fans of the products from ZVOX, including their line-up of audio products for home entertainment. The AccuVoice AV355 soundbar specifically features multiple levels of boost and control that’s going to use hearing aid technology to get the most out of the dialog provided in a TV series or movie that you’re watching. It pulls out the spoken words, raising them above and beyond the background noise, and allows users to be able to hear clearer dialog.

In our video down below you can see it’s not only unboxing of the product, we actually talk to a person who used it, and see how it helped them overcome their early stage hearing loss.

If you want to pick up your own Here!

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