Nope Sets Join The Universal Studios Hollywood Tram Ride!

The Tram ride at Universal Studios Hollywood has been a major point of the theme park since it was just a studio. I remember as a child getting to see a cowboy stunt show in the middle of the ride, or seeing sets dressed and ready for filming later in the day.

It’s only fitting that set peices like the plane crash from War of the Worlds and the Hitchcock Bates Motel be stops along the journey. Now a new set is being brought to the park for tram riders.

The new movie Nope is the most recent film by Jordan Peele, and in it there is a fictional place called Jupiter’s Claim. The whole set from the movie was dismantled at it’s filming location, shipped to Universal Studios Hollywood and with care and attention to detail, rebuilt as it is in the film.

This set created by Production Designer Ruth DeJong, is even dressed with the props from the actual movie. The experience will become available to tram riders to see and drive through starting on July 22, 2022 on the same day that the movie is released to the public.

During the creation of the movie, the idea of adding it to the tram ride was always in mind, so the people at Universal Creative worked collaboratively with Universal Studios Hollywood to ensure authenticity and accuracy for when it would be reset up.

The Jupiter’s Claim set will only be able to be seen on the Studio Tour tram ride, and is the first time the Tour has released an attraction to match the opening day of a movie release.

Are you excited to engage with an actual set from a major motion film? We can’t wait!

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