Video Games for the Week of February 27th, 2024

PS5 & Xbox Series X

Welcome to ParadiZe by Nacon

Welcome to ParadiZe is a zombie game were you have a zombie companion to do your dirty work. It doesn’t always work though, but if you are lucky, handy, and skilled, then you might survive!


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth by Square Enix

Jump back into the world of Final Fantasy VII with Rebirth, the second story of Final Fantasy VII now remade. The game redefined the genre, as you take on the roile of Cloud Strife.


Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery of Serpentcoil Island by Spike Chunsoft

Journey through the Serpentcoil Island. Use strategy to solve intricate puzzles and explore dungeons. Can you free the mysterious girl held captive by a terrible monster?

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