Video Games for the Week of February 28th, 2023

PS5, PS4, Switch, & Xbox One

Brok the Investigator by COWCAT Games

Started off as a Kickstarter, this game is a futuristic cyberpunk-esc game with animal like humans in their place. You play as Brok a private detective as he makes his way through a corrupt world.

PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X & Xbox One

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty by Koei Tecmo

You take on the role of a nameless militia soldier as he fights and survives through a world of Three Kingdoms infested by demons. Can you fight off the deadly creatures and unlock your true power?

PS5, Xbox Series X & Xbox One

Scars Above by Prime Matter

A sci-fi third-person action-adventure set in a mysterious alien world. Explore the land alone and survive the hostile alien environment. Can you discover who sent the alien land, and why it took you so far from your home.

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