Video Games for the Week of May 18th, 2021


Deathloop by Bethesda Softworks

A first person shooter from the people behind Dishonered, Deathloop is a story of two assasins who are in a timeloop which can only be ended by taking out all eight of your targets before the day ends. Try many different paths or journeys to meet your goal, but do it quickly or time will reset.

PS4 & Xbox One

Rust by Deep Silver

Survive. That’s pretty much about it. The elements, other players, and animals will try to kill you as you survive anything the world can throw at you. Build fortresses, craft weapons, and plant traps in a game without rules. Make friends or make enemies, the choices are yours!


Miitopia by Nintendo

Use Mii’s as your friends or enemies as you face the Dark Lord. Bring to live any Mii character you created. Add additional flair to the Mii to give them more style and personality! Think a Sim like game, but for your Miis!

Xbox Series X & Xbox One

Knockout City by Electronic Arts

Team up in epic dodgeball battles in this new multiplayer game. Customize your character, form teams and takeover Knockout City with coordinated attacks. This game boasts a similar style to the classic childrens game, with a fresh coat of paint, and new features only a video game can deliver.

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