Victric Announces The Fastest XBOX Controller On The Market

Victrix is a gaming company that produces high end controllers for the world of Esports. Just the other day they actually announced the worlds fastest XBOX controller, the Victrix Gambit Dual Core Tournament Controller. The controller itself is wired, as it gives you the least amount of delay, and focuses on fast and responsive thumbsticks, triggers, and buttons while still allowing amazing customizability for gamers. The controller features adjustable trigger stops, 14 swappable components, and even further customization through the Victrix app.

Talking about the Dual Core features, one core for the controller handles the processing of the buttons, thumbsticks, and triggers, while the second core processes the built-in Dolby Atmos audio for optimal spatial awareness.

The controller works on XBOX One and the Series X|S models. You can even use the controller for your PC games. Starting on October 15, 2021 the controller will be available for $99.99. However, you can pre-order the controller now on Amazon, and we recommend it before they sell out.

Another amazing product from Victrix is the Victrix Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset. While it can be used for up to 40 feet, the headset does also come with a 3.5mm cable with in-line controls. The Victrix Gambit Wireless Headset sells for $129.99 and also becomes available on October 15, 2021, but can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

The Gambit Wireless headset comes with a lifetime subscription to Dolby Atmos for PC and XBOX, as well as 3D Audio on the PlayStation 5, I don’t want to say they are playing favorites, but I know my preference. While the Gambit series would appear to be specifically designed with Microsoft and XBOX in mind, the Gambit headset is the first officially licensed wireless headset for PlayStation 5, having been designed to be ideal for the system.

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