CES 2023 – Keep Your Pets Trim With Neakasa’s P2 Pro!

When it comes to your pets a lot of them have “a lot” of hair. For the pet owners with their furry boys and girls it can be the bane of your existence to deal with their lose hair every day.

The Neakasa by neabot P2 Pro pet trimmer is a great solution to these problems though. On top of a three variable speed vacuum the device has a hose with many attachments for trimming and collecting up those frustrating pet hairs.

The vacuum/groomer comes with the always traditional corner attachment that can be used to get fur up from the cracks of your couch. After that attachment, the other tools are unique and specific to the P2 Pro. The most helpful for getting your pet trimmed of course is the clipper, with attachemtns for the device that can trim up to 24mm for those who want a longer haired dog. There is a suction port on the bottom of the trimmer that sucks up the hair, while it’s being cut!

The hair pickup tool is specifically designed with a brush head around an interior rougher section, specifically used to loosen hair from fabrics or furniture so that the vacuum can suck it up.

The other tools are specifically designed for combing your pet, with the first being a shedding brush that will pull all near loose hairs, and suck it up. The second is a bristle brush design specifically to pick up any remaining loose hairs on the pet’s body. Both of these brushes include push button cleaning features that will push the hair off of the brush to be sucked up into the vacuum.

This tool is incredibly helpful, and I do like the low “eco” setting, as it’s undisturbing to your pets. My cat even nestled the vacuum while it was running, and this is a cat that is terrified by vacuums.

This is an incredibly helpful tool, specifically for anyone that has a pet. Especially one with a lot of hair. Pick up your own Neakasa By Neabot P2 Pro pet trimmer Here.

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