Rants & Reviews – Cards Against Humanity’s Clam-O-Naise

Over the years Cards Against Humanity have done some insane stunts, from giving away lands all the way to free expansions.

However, before today, Cards Against Humanity hasn’t made me stick my hand in a jar of mayonnaise for the advantage of buying a couple expansion cards to their game.

By the way, a fully legit jar of Clam-Flavored mayonnaise, no joke. Cards Against Humanity has hidden 30 brand new expansion cards in each jar. Also included with the mayonnaise is a potential prize. It can be a car, a vacation, or even a pearl. We won a pearl.

It is a legit jar of mayo though, so hopefully you’re a fan of Clams Casino, or else you’re gonna have to find a way to get rid of all this mayonnaise.

Pick up your own Clam-O-Naise Here!

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