We Checked Out Los Angeles Comic Con In 2023

Los Angeles Comic Con came and went at the Los Angeles convention Center and this amazing experience is one of our favorite conventions of the year. On top of so many great and wonderful vendors in the space, the actual energy of the convention is one of fun, excitement, and just general good vibes.

Los Angeles Comic Con attendance once again soars as they had 123,000 fans at the convention!

It’s interesting to think about plans for Los Angeles Comic Con earlier this year, during the strike. With so many other conventions floundering, the extra time allowed the convention to connect with SAG and find a way to not only support the actors, but also create a safe venue in spite of the actor’s strike for fans to connect with some of their favorite people in Hollywood.

You can see our prior article talking about Sean Astin’s statement for Los Angeles Comic Con Here.

It definitely helped make us all feel comfortable purchasing our tickets for the event, and with such an inclusion towards gaming and streaming in the West Hall, there was definitely going to be plenty to do.

As one of the first major conventions to kick-off after the signing of the SAG agreement, fans were treated to a large list of amazing voice and physical actors to meet with, get photos with, and obtain signatures from at the event.

You can meet with such stars as Eman Esfandi and Natasha Liu Bordizzo who play Ezra and Sabine on Ahsoka, the Hobbits from The Lord Of The Rings, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, and Billy Boyd, and even a couple of the cast from The Boys with Erin Moriarty and Karen Fukuhara.

These are only the main guests, as the Artist Alley area of the convention was full of comic book artists and writers. Anime voice actors were set up throughout the entirety of the convention with booth signings at partners as well as in the West Hall in a dedicated area one-on-one space.

We even got to connect with one of our favorite artists, Ray-Anthony Height, who is currently working on the Defiant graphic novel, telling the story of Robert Smalls. We also want to take a moment to recognize Ray-Anthony Height’s newest protege and the amazing independent artist Nex, an 11th grader with so much talent that if you’re not paying attention to her, you might miss some amazing things in the field of art and graphic design.

Find out more about them and their art Here.

Next year’s Los Angeles Comic Con is going to take place once again in October as they’ve pushed the dates back to the earliest week of the month. While we love this late-year con, an early October convention is a great boon to the convention scheduling of the year and we’re excited to see Los Angeles Comic Con return to Halloween adjacent convention.

Hope to see you guys there!

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