Pokemon Go Brings Buddy Up and Remote Access

How’s everything going, Trainers? We have a couple of updates to discuss today! Exciting stuff that will make our Pokemon GO journeys safer and easier.

Hey, Buddy!

There was an announcement in regards to a new Buddy-centric event.

From Tuesday the 21st, 8:00 a.m. until Monday the 27th at 10:00 p.m. you can expect the following bonuses:

  • Double XP for evolving Pokemon.
  • Woobat will be available in the wild plus as a reward for completing some field research tasks. If you missed out on getting yours when it was the 7 Day Streak encounter, now’s your chance!
  • Speaking of rare encounters, Volbeat and Illumise will be available in the wild, in Eggs and as rewards for some Field Research and not only that but both have the possibility of being Shiny! Both of these Generation 3 Pokemon are usually region-locked, so make sure to snag ’em for your
    Pokedex and trades in the future!
  • Certain Pokemon will have increased spawn rates: Alolan Meowth, Joltik, Lillipup, Feebass, Eevee and Chansey. The same Pokemon will have an increased appearance rate in 5km Eggs, barring Chansey.
  • Distance to earn Buddy Candy and Hearts will be halved! Just in time to get your Buddy up to Great Buddy level to take advantage of that bonus on Abra Community Day! (April 25th, 11:00am till 5:00pm.)
  • Your Buddy will fetch you souvenirs and other gifts more frequently. There are hints that it may pick up new, additional items of some sort as well! Wonder what that’s about?
  • Your Buddy’s mood will increase more rapidly.
  • Hopefully, you’ll be able to take advantage of these limited-time offerings, Trainers!

    Remote Control

    Niantic is, at an as-yet-undisclosed date, going to be launching a few new features primarily surrounding being able to access things remotely.

    Remote raid passes. These will cost 100 Pokecoin, to begin with, and will allow you to access and interact with any raid visible on your screen. To begin with, Trainers who battle remotely will have the same power output as Trainers who are physically present. The number of Trainers who can enter a Raid remains unchanged at 20. The power output of remotely present players will be subject to change later, however.

    Another exciting addition is that, should you be running low on Gifts, your Buddy Pokemon can now fetch them for you along with its usual offerings of Berries, Revives and Souvenirs. Thankfully enough, though, this is a feature for Buddy Pokemon of ANY Friendship level! It will snag them from nearby stops. What a great way to keep helping out all our Friends, some of whom may not have access to resources without these Gifts we send.

    If you have a space available for a Field Research task, one will be gifted you at midnight every day going forward. These will be tasks you can, conceivably, achieve from home and will allow us to more easily keep our streaks alive.

    Other New Stuff
    There will be a faster option for raising the CP of your Pokemon. You will soon be able to use all available and necessary Stardust and Candies to power up your poke-pals without having to raise them one stage at a time as it stands right now. This is sure to be a massive time-saver!

    You will also be able to stack the effects of various timed items. Star Pieces, Lucky Eggs, and Incense. You’ll be able to pour on a, frankly astounding, 24 hours worth. So, 48 in one shot! This will be especially useful for timed events like Community Days were remembering to activate these items one after the other can be a pain. Just be mindful of the time you can actually spend using these items because once you’ve racked it up and turned it on, there’s no option to remove the effects and your items will be used up and gone.

    Battle system visuals have been updated to be consistent across battle systems. HP bar placement will now be consistent, plus Types and Effectiveness/Move Use text will be consistent across Battle systems.

    And, lastly but not leastly, the Shop Icon will let you know when new bundle deals and special items are available so you don’t miss out on any purchase opportunities.

    Well, Trainers, that’s all the information I have on these up’n coming updates. How do you like these new features? Feel free to let me know in the comments! As always, I wish you the very best of luck, health, and happiness.

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