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Howdy, Trainers!

So, Mega Evolution recently dropped. Hopefully you’re all already enjoying it, but for those who are seeking clarification on some of the finer points, I thought I’d drop a little guide for you.

What is Mega Evolution?

This form of Evolution was first discovered in the Kalos region of Generation 6. A form of Pokemon Evolution to take Pokemon who had already hit their evolutionary cap and push them beyond that. It played a central part in X and Ys story as Professor Sycamore wanted you to try and explore its mysteries.

The first Pokemon you’ll generally ever get to Mega Evolve in these games is Lucario.

It’s part of the story and unless you consciously choose not to Mega Evolve it, this is the first time you’ll get to see and experience it.

Mega Evolution may be powerful, but honestly, some of the Pokedex entries (Pokedex entries for Megas as separate species were introduced in Generation 7.) make you want to not use it.

Mega Tyranitar, for example: Due to the colossal power poured into it, this Pokemon’s back split right open. Its destructive instincts are the only thing keeping it moving.

Or Mega Aerodactyl: When it Mega Evolves, it becomes more vicious than ever before. Some say that’s because its excess of power is causing it pain.

This is a recurring theme in the Pokedex entries for these creatures – that Mega Evolution is a step too far and it’s putting great stress on the body causing pain and discomfort. Does this mean you shouldn’t Mega Evolve your partners? I can’t decide that for you. And there’s two badges involved in doing it in Pokemon GO so… y’know. It’s a dilemma! Especially considering Mega Evolution is said to be something based on the level of trust and care between a Trainer and their Partner.

How does it work?

In the main series games you need two items to Mega Evolve a Pokemon; a Mega Ring and a Mega Stone. The Mega Ring is an accessory item that a Trainer wears and the Mega Stone is an item attached to the Pokemon.

In Pokemon GO, being as Items aren’t something you can attach to your Pokemon, there are no Mega Stones and Mega Rings are simply a nifty fashion accessory you can equip to your avatar.

In Pokemon GO, you collect Mega Energy for doing Mega Raids. The type of Energy you get is based on the Pokemon you battle and defeat in the Raid. So, Mega Venusaur gives you Mega Venusaur Energy, Charizard of either type (Mega X or Mega Y) will get you Mega Charizard Energy and so on. It requires, at this time, 200 Mega Energy to Mega Evolve a Starter Pokemon all the way (Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise.) and 100 Mega Energy to evolve your Beedrill all the way into its Mega Incarnation. Once you have Mega Evolved a Pokemon once, this cost will drop to one quarter of the initial cost. So, 50 Mega Energy to Mega Evolve your Starter Evolutions and 25 for Beedrill. Other Pokemon may cost more or less once released and these initial numbers are subject to change.

The quicker you defeat the Raid, the more Energy you claim – between 30 and 50 pieces. It makes sense, then, to Raid in as large of a group as possible. Send out those invites!

The raids are tough, with the CP of the opposing Pokemon being in the 50,000 to 60,000 range. You will need at least a few strong Trainers to complete one at all with the possible exception of Mega Charizard Y who has a massive Rock Type Weakness. You can do that one with two Level 40 Trainers stocked up with good Rock Types. Other than that, I recommend a group of no less than 4 and the better your Counters, the better your chances.

Venusaur – Grass/Poison: Fire, Ice, Flying and Psychic
Charizard X – Fire/Dragon: Dragon, Rock, Ground
Charizard Y – Fire/Flying: Rock, Electric, Water
Blastoise – Water: Electric, Grass

Mechanics of Mega Evolution

So, once you have collected enough Mega Energy to evolve one of your partners, what can you do with it? They are obviously much more powerful than before, but what other benefits do you get?

Your Pokemon will remain in its Mega form for four hours. Taking one into a Gym Battle or Raid will give every member in your party an attack boost. Couple this with other buffs like Friendship based Attack boosts and weather based Attack boosts, and you can deal some real damage. The Trainers battling alongside you will also get a boost to moves of the same Type as the Mega involved – so using a Grass Type Attack while Mega Venusaur is in play, for example, will yield even better results.

Having one as your Buddy will see it roam around the screen, doing all the usual Buddy stuff it did before, but cooler looking.

There are two Badges up for grabs as well. One for individual Mega Evolutions performed and one for the number of unique Mega Evolved Species registered in your Pokedex.

There’s a Special Research for Mega Evolution as well. It’s an easy, low pressure quest that grants you enough Mega Energy to evolve a Mega Beedrill.

Speaking of…

Spotlight on Mega Beedrill

Beeing as this will be the first Mega most of us get in Pokemon GO, it seemed the logical option for this Spotlight section. You can read a Spotlight on Weedle and its evolutions Here so for our purposes today, we’ll bee concentrating on the Mega form of Pokemon’s very own Kaiju Hornet.

The Pokedex doesn’t tell us anything we couldn’t already see just by looking at this big, bad Beedrill; its legs are now stingers which it uses to jab its prey with. It delivers the finishing blow with the spear on its butt. (At least it’s not in horrendous pain like some other Megas.)

With a Max CP of 3383, Attack of 303, Defense of 148 and Stamina of 163 this battlin’ bug is the dictionary definition of glass cannon. It’s hitting ridiculously hard but not in it for long. This makes it an extremely situational Pokemon to use in battle. It needs to go up against light hitters of types it resists and resists well – Fighting and Grass would be my recommendations. It resists those two especially, along with regular resistances to Bug, Poison and Fairy Types. It is weak to Rock, Flying, Psychic and Flying.

It retains all of its prior moves, so you still have STAB Fast Attacks in Infestation and Poison Jab. (Bug Bite is a Legacy Fast Attack and the best option if you have it.) Charged Attacks are Aerial Ace, Fell Stinger, Sludge Bomb and X-Scissor, the latter three of which are STAB. There’s also the Community Day move, Drill Run which is Ground Type. This will, in theory, help it against Fire and Rock Type Pokemon in battle but the lack of bulk is going to let it down in the end even with this advantage.

And there you have it, Trainers! Good luck in your Mega Quest to be the Mega Best. I’ve said so many Megas this time around that I’m starting to feel like Megaman from the Captain N cartoon.

Anyway, have fun out there and bee safe! (One last bee pun. Had to shoe hornet in somewhere.)

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