Rants And Reviews: The Worst-CASE Scenario Card Game

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to once again talk about a weekly board game! This time we are checking out The Worst-CASE Scenario Card Game.

This is a game based on the ever-loved yellow book to help you out of horrible situations. While this game does not give you points for knowing the proper way out of scenarios, it does use a voting system to allow the judge/victim to be able to decide what is the “Worst-CASE Scenario” out of five. Other players gain points for guessing the ranking, or similar ranking of the judge/victim.

At the end of the day this is a very easy game to play that moves in a way similar to Apples to Apples, while finding an interesting way to include the title, but not the heart of the book. While I would have liked a more survival centric game, this does still have a lot of playability.

Pick up your copy of the The Worst-CASE Scenario Card Game Here!

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