We Took The Time With Typewise 3.0 See Our Thoughts

We have previously talked about Typewise a bit in the past. (See our prior article Here) The good people behind the app had increased the capabilities and raised the AI in their new update. For us fully talk about it though, they gave us the premium features so we can really enjoy the experience.

We have been using the application for two months, for a very specific reason before we shared our opinions.

When we first tried out this application in January, we loved the features and its capability, but eventually, we moved back to the traditional google keyboard for a very specific reason, we regularly use the speech to talk feature when it’s not easy to type, and the Typewise program does not have easy access to that feature.

To be able to access speech to text, we have to go in and manually switch the keyboard, as opposed to Google Keyboard quick click button option.

This was a deal-breaker for us the first time around.

Something different happened this time though… We actually forgot we were using the specialized keyboard. I probably could have written this article earlier in this month, but I just forgot that I needed to review it, and just … well used it.

The AI took a second to learn what I wanted, just like I had to take a second to relearn to use the keyboard’s specific layout and features.

Once it got the hang of what I wanted, and I got the hang of correcting and building the right association with my words, it just became easy. So easy that we were willing to take the extra steps to click through multiple buttons to get to our speech-to-text when it was needed. We might just be using this keyboard for the foreseeable future now!

I still need access regularly to speech to text, and Typewise hasn’t gotten that through to them, but frankly if they solved that one issue, then I’d be using this and only this keyboard!

So if you are looking to get a smart keyboard with high end AI, and feel confident that no one is stealing your keystrokes, then pickup Typewise for iOS and Android.

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