Unboxing The Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar

We connected with Poly once again and this time they sent us their super powerful P15 Personal Video Bar. This amazing device not only boasts a 4K camera but two mics and a speaker system are so powerful that it even includes a bass port on the back of it!

Some of the coolest features of this device are the fact that it includes auto tracking, meaning it will follow you around the room and make sure that you keep center focus during your video presentations or Zoom calls. Perfect for boardrooms or people who like to pace while giving instructions to other people.

Another cool feature about this device is that you can use it with its monitor clamp on the base or remove the base and use its threaded port to screw the unit onto tripods or light stands.

If you want to bring your office videos to the next level with a high-end webcam, then we highly recommend that you pick up your own Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar Here!

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