Unboxing The Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display

We got our hands on the Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display and this amazing device is quite a unique product to check out.

It’s a personal self-contained device specifically for use on zoom calls or web meetings. It not only includes its own camera, microphone, and speaker system but a lighting system that has a haptic touch to control the amount of light produced on the user.

All of the controls are designed in a way that is easy, quick, and adjustable to the user’s needs. The complete design is specific to give you the most out of the P21!

As well since most new computers do not come with HDMI outputs the P21 doesn’t connect via HDMI, but USB. In fact, the cord comes with a built-in adapter that will allow you to connect the monitor to your desktop setup via USB-A or USB-C.

For those that are always on their phone, the stand for the display includes an induction charge plate for your phone or any other induction-able devices.

If you want to pick up your own Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display, you can do so Here!

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