Cakewalk3d Is Live On Kickstarter

Marine Coré-Baillais wants to invent new tastes through the new and modern methods of 3D printing. It was that reason she created Cakewalk3ds because of her second love in pastries. She even went back to school to get a degree in French pastry.

3D printing food is not new of course, but technology is specialized and very expensive. The whole point of this company is equalizing the field and making the technology available to the general maker community.

This Kickstarter, which launched on October 29, 2020, will give makers the parts (a specialty extruder, food-safe silicone mat, and the CAD files, which you can 3D print to support the extruder) to turn their 3D printers at home, into the Cakewalk3d, which is perfect for cake designers. You don’t need a proprietary printer or even new software. As long as it’s a modifiable 3D printer, you will have the ability to upgrade to a Cakewalk3D. The packages start at $58, and the options increase to include a full 3D printer!

They hope to deliver the products this year in December of 2020!

Back this project Here, and get into the specialty 3D food printing world.

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