Camera Reviews: Should You Get the Sony a6600?

When it comes to digital cameras, Sony has one of my favorite builds. Their mirrorless models have surpassed DSLRs in many ways, and they continue to lead the pack in mirrorless features and design. For professionals, brand and familiarity is going to win the day no matter what features you’re looking for, because what’s the point in getting a camera that you’re not going to love in every single way? If you’re already in the Sony camp, or you don’t have a brand preference at all, take a look at this semi-pro compact mirrorless camera. It’s a wonderful bridge to the full-frame, professional world, without breaking the bank.

This is currently the best camera model in the a6x00 series that Sony offers, with many familiar features, a similar body type to the older models, and the same lens mount. You get to keep your old lenses, memory cards, and charge cable. You still have real-time tracking autofocus, with 850 autofocus points and phase detection. You still have an APS-C sensor. But why get this one instead of one of the older models? And is it basically a cheaper A9?

Here are some of the improvements Sony has made in this model:

Better Battery Life
With the Z-type battery (instead of the FW50) will net you almost twice the battery life, with 250 minutes.

In-body Image Stabilization
An absolute must-have in the photography and videography world, in-camera stabilization can make or break a photo. The IBIS in this model is also superior to many other brands and models. Most others offer x, y, and z axis stabilization, but the Sony a6600 offers x, y, and z axis stabilization, in addition to roll, yaw, and pitch.

Better ISO Performance
With a native ISO range of 100-32,000 (which is nothing to sneeze at), and an expanded range of 50-102,400, night time shots, shots indoors, or even shots while touring a spooky carnival with bad lighting will not ruin your pictures! The ISO range is also great paired with the improved noise reduction, so getting those low-light shots won’t disappoint you because you won’t end up with grainy photos.

Faster Shutter Speed
You’re looking at a 1/4000sec shutter speed here. This is going to be perfect for sports photography, nature photography, or even photos at your kid’s birthday party. If it moves, you bet you’re going to catch it, and it won’t be blurry.

Is it a cheaper A9? No, it’s not even close. Is it a great buy for the price? Absolutely. The lens in the box is pretty great, with a nice range from 18-135mm, but for specialty shots, you’ll want to grab something additional that might work better. Having an easy-to-find standard SD card is great for beginners and advanced users alike. The menu and button layouts are user-friendly.

If you’re trying to get into the professional photography world without dropping several thousand dollars on a full-frame camera, this will get your foot in the door. If you need to have something to catch your kid’s soccer games, or badly-lit recitals, this is the one for you.

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