We Talk Damage Control In The MCU And Comics

The first introduction of Damage Control to the MCU was a new branch government that seemed to been under the watchful eyes of Iron Man AKA Tony Stark, as shown during the flashback and Spider-Man Homecoming.

What Damage Control appears to have become in the MCU at this point is a government branch with little to no oversight within the MCU. They don’t only investigate, police, but also apparently incarcerate as shown in Ms. Marvel. It’s unclear if the Clandestines would have gotten a day in court, but it looked unlikely with how they are being processed as the Damage Control Prison.

One of the major faces of Damage Control is Agent Cleary played by Arian Moayed. He has appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Ms. Marvel. While Agent Cleary does come off as the lighter hand, when compared to Agent Deever, played by Alysia Reiner, there’s still something dubious under the surface. Agent Cleary, and Damage Control as a whole appears to have no respect for the law or constitutional rights. Abducting powered and unpowered teenagers to conduct interrogations without the presence of their parents, legal guardians, or legal representation present is very unsettling.

This is made so much more worse by how efficient Agent Cleary is at reading, connecting with, and manipulating teenagers into getting them to talk against their own interest.

It’s reasons like this that Damage Control the makes a good minor villain for the streaming series like Ms Marvel and more down the line. However, what is Damage Control like in the comic books?

In the comic books Damage Control is just a construction company which repairs damage caused by superheroes and supervillains alike. The initial comics were created by Dwayne McDuffie with art from Ernie Colón. In the comic books the construction company was owned by Tony Stark and Wilson Fisk, which you can imagine caused some issues.

Here are our three favorite Damaged Control centric comic books within the Marvel world.

Marvel Comics Presents #19 (1988) The first appearance of Damage Control. The short within this anthology book talks about how and what it is that Damage Control does.
Damage Control #1 (1989) Their first ever solo comic book, Damage control is the people you call after the super heroes are done saving the day. These guys save your building. They’ve built X-Mansions and super hero penthouses. Find out more about this crew!
Damage Control #1 (1991) Damage Control is back, but conspiracy theorists are saying that they might be staging the events that lead to their work. Is Damage Control really behind all the destruction, or is it all a bunch of hot air?

Did we not mention your favorite Damage Control comic? Let us know down below!

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