Happy Birthday Shang Chi’s Simu Liu

Simu Liu was born in Harbin, China raised by his grandparents until the age of five by his grandparents while his parents attended university and worked. Later Simu emigrated to Canada with his parents. His parents pushed a thorough educational practice in his household and forced him to adhere to their academic ideals, with both of them being aerospace engineers.

In his early 20s he lost his job as an accountant and decided to try his hand at acting and work as a stuntman. The transition cost him his relationship with his parents. They are now fortunately in a better place.

Until his success to be cast as Shang Chi, Simu Liu has taken many a role, but none as funny as his work as a stock footage actor, which became even funnier when he made it big within the MCU.

While so far Shang Chi, played by Simu Liu has only had one film, with it being his stand alone introduction, the feeling from their work is that he is going to be introduced to the larger world of the MCU down the line. His actions seemed to have triggered a major event, his father’s faction mentioned in the series Ms. Marvel, and it’s events association with the larger MCU is promising.

With that in mind, we know a lot of source material will be used for this character in future movies, and we wanted to share a couple of our favorite books to check out while waiting for Simu Liu’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Special Marvel Edition #15 (1973)
While in this comic book Shang Chi is introduced as not the son of the Mandarin, but the Dr. Fu Manchu (man comic books were so racist) it still showcased how he was raised to be an assassin from a young age. It’s connections to his pushing away from his father’s ambitions and even begins to fight against it.
Secret Avengers #18 (2011)
A potential for future story for team-up within the MCU, an alternative dimension plans to destroy the Earth with an explosive material from a dying universe. Now only a few Avengers stand between them and their plans for our planet.
Heroes for Hire #15 (2007)
The conclusion of the teams dealings within the story of World War Hulk, which might see a bit of cross over within the MCU with the recent revelations in She-Hulk’s series. During which Shang-Chi is pushed to limits and must make hard choices in dealing with alliances, friendships, and to work with a team. While Awkwafina’s Katy does not exist within the Marvel Comics, it’s possible in the future the MCU might turn to this story to remove her character, or play with the tragedy for their future stories.

What are your favorite Shang Chi comic books?

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