GoSun Increases Their Market With Solar Boating

GoSun is all about reducing carbon footprints and preventing fuel consumption of various types. They’ve created solar ovens, coolers, and even tiny homes. Now they’ve turned to watercrafts with their latest product, the Elcat.

Included with every Elcat is the main boat inflatable parts, the motor, two solar panels, a charger adapter, a later, motor mount, and two air pumps to inflate the craft. The Elcat 1.3kW motor incorporates it’s 1.3kWH battery, and it can provides readouts so you know how much longer you’ll be able to enjoy the craft. The motor and the boat creates a vessel with the stability of a catamaran and a top speed of 6 knots. The motor can be charged at home, or with the provided solar panels so you can extend your boat outing.

The Elcat includes six air chambers, two side panels, two floor panels, and a rooftop section, each weighing less than 80 pounds. Once inflated and zipped together they form the a boat that rests on two pontoons elevated off the water. Once fully inflated, the boat can easily hold six adults within the main chamber of the boat, or ontop of the roof with a max capacity over 1,300 lbs.

When uninflated it can easily be stowed within an SUV or truck, and when inflated it rests at 14’8″, 8′ wide, and 6’6 tall. The Elcat is made incredibly durable with it’s DWF drop-stitched, double-walled, structurally laminated PVC. The quality is similar to whitewater rafts. It’s super easy to launch with it’s four carry handles and it’s lightweight 264 lbs size.

There are many options and modifications for the unit, but they estimate pricing can be anywhere from $7,950 all the way up to $17,750.

The Elcat is estimated to deliver to purchasers in May 2023, but I’d highly recommend that you order and put in your requests now Here! Happy Boating!

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