Conner’s Critique: Knuckles Season 1

We loved the first two Sonic films, and with a third on the way, Knuckles series is a fun way for us to keep ourselves connected to the larger world as we wait for the third film, which is confirmed to continue having the amazing Jim Carrey involved.

As always we break down our reviews into three categories, Story, Acting, and Overall. So let’s jump in!

Story 8/10

The first episode sees the return of the Wachowski home, as Maddie, played by Tika Sumpter, reprises her role virtually alongside Ben Schwartz as Sonic and Colleen O’Shaughnessey as Tails, with James Marsden being to busy I assume to return for a Paramount+ TV Series. Idris Elba once again voices Knuckles the Echidna.

The series picks up with Knuckles having a hard time adjusting to his time in the Wachowski house, and how difficult this life of comfort is for a person attuned to a warriors life. When Sonic’s bad advice pushes Maddie to far, Knuckles decides he needs a cause to fill his time. Que Deputy Wade’s issue with being replaced on his bowling team. Now thanks to Knuckle’s taking him on as a protege, they head out to on a warrior’s mission.

Along the way they deal with tech heavy villians, a regular theme for these stories, and the conflict of family. What surprisingly happens in this series though, is a fun and heartfelt comedy that will connect with the generation that grew up with Sonic, while not taking itself to seriously.

Acting 9/10

Idris Elba and Adam Pally do an amazing job as the leads in this series, as Knuckles and Wade Whipple. They’re primary and strongest interactions in the film is along with Stockard Channing as Wendy Whipple, Wades mother, and Edi Patterson as Wanda Whipple, Wade’s sister. Their turbulent but realistic family dynamics really allow the characters to shine in an over the top but believeable way.

Kid Cudi and Ellie Taylor do their best to represent the villians stooges for the series, filling the role of Lee Majdoub as they attempt to take Knuckles to The Buyer, played by Rory McCann. While I do like Rory McCann in this film, and he does a pretty good job as the big bad, their collection of enemies pales in comparison to the hole left by Jim Carrey in the series.

I have to share the fact that Pachacamac is voiced by Christopher Lloyd, who is an absolute legend is a nice addition to the series alongside Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, and Jack Sinclair do a great job rounding out this world and making it feel lived in.

Overall 8/10

There are some really amazing standout moments in the series, from the momment where Kid Cudi’s character getting a call from his mom in the middle of the fight, to Wade’s sister Wanda taking their position too serously, and being a terrorizing element of Wade’s past. The energy of the show knows what it is, and while not taking themselves seriously, they do an amazing job conveying a story and keeping it light.

Conner’s Final Thoughts

It’s crazy to see one of the most healthiest and realistic interpretation of the Jewish faith of modern time would be in the series based on a early 90s video game character. That being said, Wendy Whipples connecting moments in Knuckle’s life to the Jewish people, and Knuckles considering the strong Jewish woman to be a formidable warrior was incredibly fun and sweet.

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