Conner’s Critiques – Resident Alien Season One

Before we break down Resident Alien season 2, we wanted to make sure that we talked about Resident Alien’s first season. We are huge Alan Tudyk fans on this site. Whether he’s voicing a chicken in a Disney movie, or playing a misanthrope alien masquerading as a human. Alan Tudyk will always be our “leaf on the wind.”

So let’s jump into this review, as always will top the tackle this series under the three topics of story, acting, and overall.

Story 8.5/10

The general story of this show is about an alien who is on his way to destroying all of humanity. His mission is cut short though when he crash lands on Earth. Now to complete the mission he has to scour Colorado, the area of his crash site, to discover the missing parts of his extermination technology.

To fit into his world, he is forced to murders a doctor living on the outside of the town. To help with his cover, he assumes the doctor’s identity. While taking over the life of a hermit medical professional seemed like a great idea, he had no way to predict that the town’s only doctor would be murdered. However, when that event occurs, the mayor and police chief force him to take over the role of the town doctor.

Now the alien is forced to masquerade as a human, but the longer he does so, the more he understands humanity. His connections to the humans in this town cause him issues with regard to his plan to destroy humanity.

This Colorado located backdrop helps make the show feels like part Northern Exposure, part My Favorite Martian. It’s an interesting and fun take on an alien sci-fi series. Surprisingly though the show has a lot more heart then you’d expect. Finishing an episode will just make you want to jump into another.

Acting 9/10

While the supporting roles played by Sara Tomko, Alice Wetterlund, and Corey Reynolds are all well performed within the series, our hats go off to Alan Tudyk. His minor quirks, body language, and all-around ability to portray an alien, who to a human’s eye would come off as someone on the higher spectrum of autism. Tudyk does an amazing job showing his range as an actor.

The way the character is constantly watching the people around him, judging how they’re reacting before he makes his own decisions, is so beautiful. Perfectly performed by Tudyk. It helps you easily suspend any disbelief that would normally be felt by viewers in outlandish Sci-Fi films.

At the end of the day, this is not a sci-fi with comedy elements, it is a comedy series with a sci-fi style.

Overall 9/10

If you’re looking for something to give you a good laugh, something to get lost in.

It’s surprising how well they weaved in stories of drama within the series. It’s more than just something to sit and laugh at, you can easily get lost in all the great stories within the show.

At the end of the day though, it’s still a solid comedy that can hold your attention.

Conner’s Final Thoughts

The series is too god damn good for television. If this series somehow does not get a third season, I will set the world on fire.

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