Bengdii Changes Children’s Headphones

With the reality of the increase of online testing and school, especially with the increase in cases of COVID-19, we need a solution for those who aren’t a fan of headsets, and that’s where Bengdii comes into play.

This company has spent the first year of COVID trying to find a solution for children with sensitive ears, or parents who fear audio will hurt their ears, or still want them aware of their surroundings.

The solution proposed by Bengdii? A headset that uses three points of contact, not with the ears, but with the top of the head, and two pads on each side above the ears to rest on the skull. This is very similar to a headband in its design.

The headphones themselves have a multi-click position setting that allows them to rest hovering over the ears, rest on the ears, or away from the ears.

As a child learns and the need to focus on the class discussion becomes evident, they can adjust as needed, or to their comfort level.

This is a great option for those who need a solution during these continuing trying times.

Find out more about this product Here!

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