Raycon Breaks Down Your Life Into 4 Categories

During your day-to-day there are parts of your lives that requires specific needs from your music and headphones. To make sure you get the most out of your devices Raycon has broken down those daily activities into categories, from Everyday, to Gaming, through Work, and for those who are into Fitness.

Each of these lines is specifically tailored to your need during those Activities.

But their biggest reveal was the “The Gaming Headphones,” a full gaming headsets specifically designed to meet the needs of multiple devices. Connect with 2.4g ultra-low latency Bluetooth, in-line, or USB. As traditional the headphones feature surround sound with spatial audio but now with immersive vibration haptics. They also include built-in HD microphones that are retractable, and RGB lighting in the earcup.

The “The Gaming Headphones” will provide you not only an amazing audio experience, but we’ll do it in style that has been well known for the quality of Raycon products in the past. These headphones will be available later in the year in Q2.

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