Roborock’s S7 Max V Will Change How You Clean!

Carpet and hardwood floors require a lot of care, but that combination is amazing for style and design. People can either spend their days running around with two different devices cleaning the floor and the carpet, but Roborock’s new S7 Max V provides all that tech in one small but powerful device.

The S7 Max V uses vacuum technology to use pattern recognition to map the floor, and cameras and sensors to prevent a collision. The device even takes snaps of the objects it avoided, so users can move or adjust the house as needed. This is also helpful if you might have lost one of your shoes.

Then the S7 Max V also has a vibrating cleaning pad when used with its proprietary cleaning solution is able to clean surfaces with astounding skill.

Once re-docked in its hub to charge, it will clean its waste and trash bins into the dock, refill its cleaning solution, and clean the pad at the bottom of the machine with a powerful scrapping unit.

If you want a one-stop-shop smart vacuum, no one else on the market is giving quality and quantity like Roborock!

Pick up your own S7 Max V when it comes out at Roborock’s site Here!

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