We Look Into And Discuss Dental Robotics System YOMI

The dental world in the USA is incredibly backward. It’s created a specific term that people of my generation and younger use to insult the insurance industry, and the Government in general. It’s called Luxury Bones. Teeth are a luxury when considered by modern medicine.

So with that in mind, a lot of people aren’t getting the dental care they need, or deserve. Dentists as a whole aren’t treated with a lot of respect, as people don’t want to see them because every visit involves an uncomfortable x-ray process, the scrapping of metal on teeth, or someone placing their hands inside your mouth.

It’s enough to make the whole process miserable. It’s not dentists’ fault. They are usually, depending on the dentist, the best part of the process. Their bedside manner and friendly demeanor can be the only thing that the lucky few with good insurance cites as the reason they continue to get their required cleanings and procedures.

Now, Yomi is showcasing the first FDA-cleared robot into the situation of dentistry.

Is it a positive though, or a negative?

The first thing I can think about is the cost of dentistry. A simple proceedure that takes 10-20 minutes can cost you 200 dollars already. This is the cost of the equipment, and of course it’s no thanks to the soulless insurance companies as well. So how much will the cost of an automated robot system add to the out of pocket, or uninsured dental patient’s bill?

While I can’t speak to the costs of that, I will specifically say that there are definitely some benefits.

Firstly the machine is used on dental surgeries, and using intuitive visualization, haptic feedback, and audio cues the machine will help doctors to fully and properly install implants into patients with precision.

This can help patients receive same-day implant surgery and provide for smaller surgery incisions without the need of sutures. That in turn will lead to less pain for the patient, a faster surgery, and an even faster recovery. Getting you back to smiling.

The long term effects on the field in costs, and use are to be seen, but faster recovery and less pain is worth having a robot in your mouth. If you want to learn more about Yomi, you can Here!

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