CES 2023 – Handy Aims To Help Distanced And Disabled Men Connect To Partners

During CES we learned a little bit more about a very interesting device called the Handy, produced by Sweet Tech. This device is a self or online pleasure aid available on the market.

While the technology might sound too graphic or inappropriate to some, there is definitely some benefit for the creation of a machine-run masterbation tool. A percentage of the male popluation lack the motor skills or the cognitive ability to perform the task of masterbating for themselves. These people feel ostracized and disconnected in a sexual way that some men take for granted.

This device levels the playing field and allows those who would not be perform the act themselves.

Additionally, the ability for a user to control the system from afar shows that this device can be a tool to help connect lovers who are unfortunately separated from their signifigant other due to work, distance, or even medical reasons.

Regardless of the reasons for the separation, your partner will be able to help you explore intimacy where ever they are.

During CES they even demonstrated the item with the use of a head scratcher placed upon peoples’ knees with a video program in which a person in VR is using it on your “virtual” knee, and the Handy is able to match the movement of the video. Transfering the stimulation to real life.

If you have a need for the Handy device you can pick it up Here or learn more about their technology from their site.

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