ArcX Brings One Sporty Ring To Control Your Devices

    UPDATE 06/12/21
    Hey Everyone, we shared with you our findings about the ArcX smart ring earlier in the year, but now it’s officially available for backing and pre-ordering through Indiegogo Here.
    If you are interested in picking it up, you can do for the price of $47.
    It ships out in September, so what are you waiting for? Hurry up and back it!

Fitness and exercise is important this year, as everyone tries to re-enter the world and lose their COVID-15 lbs or more from quarantining and stress eating.

One company, ArcX Technology wants to help with an index finger smart ring, that helps connect to your phone.

The ArcX is specifically designed to be comfortable and weatherproof thanks to medical-grade silicone. The ring casing can also be swapped to fit different wrong sizes. If you don’t like wearing jewelry, then the device can be placed in straps for attachment to handlebars, paddles, or other sports equipment.

But how does it work as a tool for sports? By creating a unique interface, that frees up your hands for sports, you’ll be able to access your music, your gadgets, and more all while still keeping yourself active!

The device is controlled by a micro joystick and can last over 20 days on one charge.

How does the device work though? Well, it connects to a smartphone or other devices including cameras and speakers. The device will have an intuitive app that will be available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. The app will include a stopwatch, emergency functions, and ways to connect to other Apps.

You can head to ArcX‘s website, and while it’s not available for purchases yet, it ships in May of 2021, when it is you’ll be able to order it for $99.

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