Tapp Sends A Different Message With Recyclable Paper!

Throughout history, since the printing press, if you wanted to get a message out to the masses, the best way to do so was in print.

As society evolves, so too must paper. With that in mind, we have seen a lot of technology in NFC technology.

Traditional NFC tags have an inlay of materials that communicate with your device. These internal parts are made of polyethylene terephthalate, usually aluminum, and an integrated silicon NFC chip. Polyethylene terephthalate is plastic, usually recyclable, but when placed in paper, like NFC it makes recycling tricky.

Polyethylene terephthalate and the other metals are hard to pull out of an NFC tag, and is usually responsible for jamming recycling machines.

To solve the issue, and create 100% recycle-able solutions, Tapp.online has brought their TempSense smart paper to the market. By their format and technique of printing the battery and microchips on paper directly, they have found a way to make digital data transfers more eco-friendly.

But, as a business, why should you use this, over a say a QR code, that directs the user to download the items from online? Well, while that option is always available, it can be affected by paper being spilled on, or colored on, and also requires the user to have access to the internet, or use their own data.

The nice feature of the TempSense, that regardless if your device has internet, if it can NFC it can get the data. This is awesome for remote cafes or places with spotty cellular reception.

I’m looking at you Sonoma!

So if you want to be tech-forward, and eco-friendly, look into using TempSense paper!

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