A Safe Entertainment Device For Children From Tonies!

Keeping our children entertained while keeping them safe is a major concern for parents around the world. Tonies has created a safe, and screen-free entertainment system for children three and older.

The TonieBox!

This device is a softbox, designed to take the force a child may put it through, with a speaker built into it. The box connects via RFID to Tonies, little hand-painted figures which contain the data for the Toniebox. The Toniebox itself can run for up to 7 hours on its battery.

Each Tonies figures contains its own stories, songs, and more. Additional Tonies can be purchased for more fun and entertainment for your children.

The Toniebox is a closed system, so it doesn’t require WiFi, making it great for road trips, or on the go. As a closed system, it also isn’t interactive besides RFID, making it unhackable by people trying to chat with children through their toys.

Additionally, the Toniebox already has agreements for themed Tonies from partners like Penguin Random House, Universal and Disney!

The Toniebox Starter Set comes in 6 different colors and includes the Creative-Tonie which can have its skin tone chosen from white, brown, or black to meet your preference. The Creative-Tonie includes 90 minutes of content to entertain your child.

Pick up your own starter set Here for only $99.99.

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