Displate Takes Posters To The 3rd Dimension With Textra

Right now, today, Displate has announced their next step in bringing poster art to the next level in your home! While you may know the company from their amazing metal art, or their super easy magnet wall system that allows you to swap out posters that fit your mood, now they are releasing their latest technology, the Displate Textra.

Their new line-up of Textra posters takes the two-dimensional art and makes it feel more 3D with tangible texture.

Posters in the fields of Star Wars, Marvel, D&D, Destiny, and many more are joining in the fun and creating some amazing, durable, and dynamic metal posters to any wall with an impressive new textured experience.

The new Textra style adds a proprietary 3D finish and contouring effects to take the scene and make them more prominent for your viewing pleasure.

There are over 250 Displate posters that are available with the Displate Textra option, and they are affordable with a starting price of only $69.
The Textra will be available in size Medium (17.7” x 12.6”). Purchase yours at displate.com.

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