Klick Klack To Helms Deep With Lord Of The Rings Themed Keyboards

Drop makes premium mechanical keyboards, and we’ve been obsessed with their awesome designs for quite some time. Now for the first time ever, the people behind Lord of the Rings are partnering with Drop for the First-Ever Officially Licensed The Lord of the Rings Keyboards!

While Middle-earth Enterprises doesn’t partner with just about anyone. They joined up with Drop specifically due to their high-performance keyboards which will be perfect for the high-fandom style mechanical keyboards that they wanted to bring to the market for enthusiasts!

This isn’t the first time Drop has delved into the The Lord of the Rings, as their prior MT3 The Lord of the Rings keycap set were well loved.

The new Drop + The Lord of the Rings keyboards will continue to provide high-quality and amazing pre-built products for the fans. There are two different themed keyboards. One for the Dwarfs and one for the Elves. The Dwarven themed keyboard is based on the Doors of Durin. The Elvish keyboard is designed to match the style of the Two Trees of Valinor.

There are Dwarvish and Elvish characters featured on the keycaps, matching the amazing language from the books.

Pre-Orders are available now, and you can throw your hat in for your own Drop Lord of the Rings themed keyboard Here for $169! Keyboards will be shipped out through September through early October!

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