Pokemon Sword and Shield Out Today!

Greetings fellow trainers! Are you excited for new Pokémon on a new console? Did you get a chance to visit one of the Galar Visitor Centers? Nerd News Social made it to the LA County Fair and stopped in to take up their hospitality.

Tucked in near many of the fair’s rides was the Galar Visitor Center booth decked out with logos and images of the region and its starters. Brown brick columns capped the ends and a Pokémon version of Big Ben’s clock faced tower joined the corner.

Check in with one of the friendly staff members and you are given an option for a photo in front of the green screen. Your background was a choice of one of the regional starter Pokemon: Grooky, Scorbunny or Sobble or if you hadn’t decided who you will choose for your next adventure, a background showing off the map of Galar.

You were given a printed copy of the photo and an emailed version to share online. A book of postcards is handed to you as a fun way to share your travels with those who couldn’t be there. Also, if you remembered to bring a copy of your pre-order receipt for Pokemon Sword or Shield, there was a bonus luggage tag souvenir.

As an added bonus, Nintendo also provided a gaming lounge for fans to enjoy some of the tops games on their Switch console. Complete a total of six games at any of their stations to get a card stamped and turn that competed card into a fun prize. NNS was awarded a fun decal to show off our Nintendo family.

Are you ready to travel to Galar on a new adventure? Which Pokémon will you choose to be your partner? Nerd News Social will be back with a review after the launch!

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