GameScent Makes Gaming More Immersive

Not a practical joke, although it’s been made plenty of time. Smell-o-vision is coming to gaming! GameScent is a new device that takes game immersion to a whole new level by connecting the device to your game and allowing it to automatically release scents in connection to specific moments in the game.

The system specifically listens to audio ques that will activate scent release in real time due to the system’s AI control device. Due to it’s nature and how it connects it can work with all gaming consoles, pc gaming, VR systems, and even streaming!

GameScent allows players to experience the atmosphere of their games more vividly with a diverse Scent Palette that includes:

  • Gun Fire: Experience the intensity of a firefight.
  • Explosion: Feel the magnitude of a blast.
  • Racing: Sense the speed and thrill of the track.
  • Clean Air: instantly neutralizes any scents in the room.
  • Storm: Immerse yourself in the fresh smell after a storm.
  • Forest: Connect with the soothing aura of nature.
  • GameScent just had a successful demo in New York City, and they will have another one during GDC in San Francisco on March 18th through March 20th. Right after that they’ll be on the floor of PAX East in Booth #11038.

    Get your test of the system, before you Buy!

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