Hero’s Journey Fitness is back with Limited Classes!

We’ve been talking in the past about what has been going on with the awesome nerdy themed gym, Hero’s Journey Fitness.

From their unfortunate requirement to move, their waiting for the city to approve their construction, and the long journey to being fully operational.

Through all of the journey, we have been waiting patiently, and now…

Some Good News!

They have been recently performing their community free Saturday workouts at Woodbridge Park, in Studio City.

However, they have shifted plans temporarily, and cleaned up the floor in the area that does not require construction, so they can start performing private training at least, until the city gets their act together.

So how can you get in on this private training?

Contact the site Here to schedule your private or small-group training, as they have opened up the program once more.

They will also be hosting limited classes in the morning and the evenings. The limited has to specifically do with the fact that the building space is still limited from construction.

So for these reasons, memberships can’t be activated, but once they finish construction, they can jump back into them!

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