Hero’s Journey IS BACK!

We’ve been keeping people apprised of our favorite nerd centric gym in Burbank, California, Hero’s Journey, and are happy to inform people that now that Los Angeles is allowing people to re-open gyms, it’s time to get nerd fit!

Before we go into what is to be expected, we want to remind people that we are still within the thralls of a pandemic, and recommend people check out our article on “If You Should Go Out” Here. In keeping with our promise in that article, we will let you know what actions this location is taking to keep you safe.

To keep people safe, they’ve are enforcing masks at all times in the gym, class sizes are limited to five, distanced stations, and are pulling in more air from outside with their HEPA filters. The gym will also be increasing cleaning, equipment and gear before and after classes, floors once a day, bathrooms twice a day, and the whole facility will receive a deep cleaning each weekend.

Gyms are of course always going to be a higher risk of COVID-19, but with the actions undertaken by the establishment, you are as safe as you can be. Make sure to not touch your face during your session, and before you leave the gym wash your hands to prevent contaminating yourself and others.

So now that we covered that, lets check out their pricing for services:

  • Drop-In: $20/class
  • Basic Membership: $100/month
    1. (Attend 8 classes a month.)
  • Epic Membership: $125/month
    1. Unlimited classes a month.)
  • Ultimate Membership: $175/month
    1. (Unlimited classes, {1} 1:1 session, and a private locker.)

    All classes must be scheduled in advance, including Drop-Ins, and can be done so Here.

    Here are a list of their classes:

  • Tuesday
    1. 7:00 am – Rogue Class
      7:00 pm – Rogue Class
  • Wednesday
    1. 7:00 am – CritFit Class
      7:00 pm – CritFit Class
      8:00 pm – BossFight Class
  • Thursday
    1. 7:00 am – 18/00 Class
      7:00 pm – 18/00 Class
      8:00 pm – Respawn Class
  • Friday
    1. 7:00 am – CritFit Class
      7:00 pm – CritFit Class
  • Saturday
    1. 9:00 am – CritFit Class
  • Sunday
    1. 9:00 am – CritFit Class
      10:00 am – Mt. Olympus Class
      11:00 am – BossFight Class

    If you’d rather train one on one, for safety and gains, then you’ll be happy to know that private training is coming back as well!

    If in person exercise is still to risky for you, for health reasons or concerns, then you can still work out with them online. As we have shared before, you can always join them on their Patreon.

    That being said, we are happy to have them back open and getting more nerds in shape!

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