Holiday Gift Guide For Nerds And Gamers 2020

It’s once more that time of the year, and you have to give a gift to that nerd and gamer in your life. This year however, our prospectives have changed quite a bit as a result of COVID-19, and being locked inside our homes for days on end.

Some of you might be so angry at the people you live with, that you might not even want to give them a holiday gift… Well, if you decided on spreading holiday cheer, here are some gift ideas for those loved ones and monsters in your life.


Elegiant 1080P Web Camera$25
With Zoom classes and game streaming on the rise, everyone needs the technology to get the job done, and not all computers have the option. Specifically desktops. This affordable option allows people to not only get on top of their group assignments for school, but also show off their smile with some Twitch streaming. A must for pretty much any nerdy teenager these days.

MOFT Laptop Stand$25
We’ve covered MOFT stands before, more specifically the Z stand from CES, find our article Here, but we wanted to showcase their low profile laptop stand for the holiday. This affordable addition to any laptop helps put the laptop in the perfect position for typing to prevent hand pains, and promote healthy typing. When it’s not in use, you wouldn’t even know, and their strong design makes you not worry about it’s sturdiness!

UV Phone Sanitizer and Charger$30
With all that’s going on in the world, why were we not all owning one of these things before. You can charge your phone, and sanitize it all at the same time thanks to the UV lights. Does it work on more then the phone? YES! If it fits, it sanitizes! We are washing our hands, and using hand santizer, but if we are touching our phone, washing, and then touching our phone, we aren’t doing anything but respreading it back on our hands. Perfect for the germaphobe in your life, or anyone trying to survive COVID-19.

Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer$40
Do you know someone with a light switch that has a piece of tape over it. In modern day, this is specifically because your loved one transitioned to a smart light home, and his kids or roommates keep using the switch because it’s easier. Well Lutron, a high end light company, has the solution with the Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer. It works with Hue, and solves the unsightly issue, while still giving full use to the room.

Tapplock Lite$49
We got to try out, and take home a Tapplock while at CES, see our article Here and Here, and while we tried out the Tapplock One+, if you are looking for a pretty cool option on a lower price point, Tapp sells the Tapplock Lite! This smaller lock does a good job protecting your property, while also being easy to use. All the things importantant in a lock!

3Doodler Start Essentials 3D Printing Pen Set$50
A great educational tool for children, the 3Doodler Start is relatively safe for children over 6, as the heating element, and ease of use is designed to be safe for them. With this device kids can build all kinds of amazing and impressive items. This tool allows them to think in three dimensional space, and allows them to free their creativity. We actually took a minute at CES to talk to the company about this item, see that article Here!

MIDDLE OF THE ROAD ($50-$150):

MEATER Wireless Thermometer$69
We love this product. When you are smoking your brisket, tri tip, or other delicious foods, you don’t want to lose the heat from opening up that bar-b-que to find out. Also your smoker’s thermometer only tells you the temp inside the unit, not inside the meat. I got this for Eric, when I picked up some Wagu steaks for him. There is nothing more geeky, and delicious, then perfectly cooked steaks thanks to technology!

Melo Quest – Keys and Kingdom$99
We actually covered this item at CES earlier this year, you can find that link Here. This is a cool concept for parents trying to teach their child how to play the piano. By “gamifying” the process, and giving children an additional story aspect, it will allow them to learn while also being entertained. This a great for parent’s who want to encourage a musical side of their kids brain, or just want to distract them with a game that isn’t going to rot their mind.

Dragon’s Lair 1/6 Scale Arcade Cabinet$119
Do you have an old school gamer nerd in your house? If they loved the game Dragon’s Lair then this mini playable version might be the right gift for them. When it’s not in use, this 1/6 scale cabinet would look awesome on any shelf. To small, even though it’s fully playable? Well you can connect it to your big screen TV and play it in full size as well!

Raspberry Pi 400$139
Turn any TV into a computer for under $150 dollars! Everything you need in your home for all the kids that have to do a ton of homework, and classwork since schools are closed due to the pandemic. It doesn’t come with a webcamera, so they can’t use Zoom for classes, unless you get one, but it keeps them off your laptop or family computer. It’s not super strong, as it’s only 4GB of ram, with not the best processor, but how powerful does it need to steal quotes from Wikipedia?

GLO Lit Kit$149
This one may get you mixed responses. I know that it’s a bad idea to get someone you love a gym membership, or something that showcases that you dislike something about them, so really think hard about the person before you get them this item. Have you thought about it? Will they get offended? No, great lets jump in. We actually talked about this earlier in the year, you can find our article about it Here, but this amazing product is a sensitivity free way to brighten teeth, and during the holidays, 10% of their profits go to providing dental care to those who can’t afford it. Again though, don’t get this gift for them, unless they specifically have showcased in interest, and won’t take it as a personal attack. This is not the year to start a fight with a loved one.

Silver Beaded SOS Necklace$149
I hate that we live in a world so violent, and full of risk, but it is our world. Do you have a nerd that you care about, but worry that where they live, work, or frequent is unsafe? Well Invisawear wants to help give those who love them some peace of mind with their hidden SOS necklace. The device lasts a year to two years, and when it dies, will alert you to buy a replacement charm for a discounted rate of $99. If the person is abducted, or in danger, the wearer can trip this secret and discrete panic alarm, which can be set to alert emergancy personel of your location, or set off an alarm on your phone to attract attention, and distract would be abductors. It’s not a super fun gift, but you can’t argue it’s importance if someone in your life needs it.

EXPENSIVE ($200+):

1TB HDD Secure Drive$275
We chatted with Secure Drive at CES, find that article Here, and fell in love with these products. Secure enough for the Pentagon, but handy enough for your private sector… documents. If you have a tech loving nerd in your life, they will love this item. Starting at 1TB HDD version at $275, there are a lot of options, depending on your loved one’s needs. Hell if you want, you can get a 8TB SSD device for $3,629… but I mean you’d have to really love the geek in your life to get them that!

Embr Wave Bracelet$299
We took some time at CES to talk to the people behind this company, see the article Here, and we learned quite a bit! If you know someone in your life that is suffering from hot flashes, or just generally has issues with temperature control, then this device will be a godsend to them! Hacking the body’s perception of temperature, the device applies heat or cold to the wrist which sends the heat through the body, like a personal heater or air conditioner. It might sound crazy, but we tried it, and it works!

Big Max 7 ft. x 7 ft. Storage Shed$679
A nice little place to either hide the bodies of the super annoying family member you had to live with, or in the opposite direction, a small safe haven for them to escape to. A place that can be all their own, and a place they can leave to, to give you your own space.

The Atari Pong Coffee Table$2999
Okay, so we know this is a long shot, but what do you get the filthy rich nerd in your life, if you are also a filthy rich nerd? How about a Atari Pong Themed coffee table? This bad boy is fully functional, and surprisingly fun. We played it at CES, and while it was fun, we don’t know how much use you will get out of it. If you are looking for something for a Gamer Cave, they even have a 4 player version!

Hopefully we helped find something for your nerdy loved one in your life. If this list wasn’t helpful, there is always last year’s list Here, or the year before that’s list Here. When all else fails, just make sure they know how important you are to them, and that you love them. I think a lot of people need that right now with the year we have had. What are you hoping to get this season? Leave a comment, below!

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