Interview with the Founder of Enchanted Bikinis!

At Los Angeles Comic Con, we had the pleasure of running into the incredible woman behind the enchanting line of princess-themed swimwear, Sina Faton. See our prior post about their booth Here. According to her shop’s website, Sina came up with the concept of Enchanted Bikinis after moving to San Diego, inspired by her love for dressing up, her infatuation with fantasy, and her desire for incorporating these things into her days warm on the sand.

Sina was kind enough to sit down with us for an interview where we take a look at a part of her world.

Monica Scott: What inspired you to create fantastical swim suits?

    Sina Faton: I love to dress up as my favorite characters, from costume parties, to weddings, even in a more casual style for everyday. As I live in San Diego, CA, I often go to the beach and wanted to bring the magic there too.
    I decided to create Enchanted Bikinis because there was nothing like it available for women. I brought Enchanted Bikinis to life so women who like showing their passion through fashion, like me, can wear elegant and magical swimwear that will empower them.

Monica: Why only swimwear and not regular costumes?

    Sina: Because it didn’t exist. There are all kinds of apparel inspired by fairytale characters already, but in the swimwear category, everything was for kids only. I found that there was a niche and decided to go for it!

Monica: You emphasize the materials and lack of pinching. Was that a major factor in other swimwear lines that you had issues with?

    Sina: Lots of swimwear pieces are sized small, medium, large… but for women it’s more complicated, and I wanted to provide tops with bra sizing to make it fit perfectly everywhere. For the bottoms we offer low and high waisted options for most style, and the materials we use are durable and high quality. It won’t loose the stretch overtime, or fade or be see-through like other swimwear brands.

Monica: Have you ever thought of attempting to partner with Disney and design a line of swimwear the way that Alfred Angelo did with his wedding dress line?

    Sina: Yes, in fact we have been in contact with the Disney’s licensing team and have been working on getting a license. There are just a lot of requirements, so it takes time.

Monica: Will you be creating a swim tail as an additional accessory to the seashell bikini set? If so, when. If not, WHY!

    Sina: I prefer to focus on what I do best. I feel like there are many companies making mermaid tails already, I prefer to make something new. We have a mermaid skirt to go with our seashell top and I am working on making something more casual to wear outside.

Monica: Can we expect to see new additions that are inspired from other types of stories, like Red Riding Hood, or Thumbelina?

    Sina: There are so many characters that inspire me, that it is difficult to make a design for each. In the end, it all depends on what my customers want. I am open to any character!

Monica: What about with superheroes, like Wonder Woman or Black Canary?

    Sina: I am more of a princess fan than superheroes, but maybe one day I will venture into that!

Monica: What is your ultimate goal with Enchanted Bikinis?

    Sina: My goal is the have my swimwear line available in themed water parks, themed cruises and more once we have a license.

Monica: Finally, is there any news or shout outs you have for your fans?

    Sina: We have lots of new styles coming out next year, and a new concept of matching skirts to our one piece swimsuits, that way they can be worn as a whole outfit! We’re very excited to share it with our fans soon!

Make sure to check out her amazing line-up of swimwear Here!

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